radca prawny płock


It seems that a dispute in the telecommunications or energy industry is best handled by a lawyer or a law firm specializing in a given field of law. It is not true. Lawyers dealing with counseling in narrow areas of law usually have little idea about the preparation of procedural strategy, pleadings, techniques of interviewing witnesses, etc. as well as the civil procedure itself. Our lawyers will provide you with a thorough analysis of the case and a realistic assessment of the situation. Without an analysis of your case, we will not assure you of future success. We will show you weak points in your case and explain the strategy. You will regularly receive the letters sent by us to the court as well as the letters of your opponent. Together with our lawyers, you will go through the entire court process, until the final decision and then possible execution of the judgment.


Virtually all of our lawyers began their careers by providing business services. We are currently continuing and developing this department of our business, providing consultancy and activities related to establishing commercial law companies (also in the S-24 system) by merging, transforming or dividing them. We supervise our clients' corporate activities by providing legal services to shareholders' or shareholders' meetings, issuing legal opinions in complex corporate factual and legal status. We also liquidate companies and support management boards in bankruptcy proceedings.


The specificity of divorce and family lawsuits is primarily the adoption of the right tactics at the very beginning of the case in order to achieve the client's goal. If it is not possible to agree with the spouse as to the fault of the marriage, childcare, maintenance or division of property, then the need to seek the help of a lawyer seems obvious, because emotions that are growing in the absence of agreement may obscure rational decision making. Divorce cases are often very complicated and take a long time. In such cases, we will defend your interests from the beginning of the case to its very end.


A well-made contract and the more complex business contract is a guarantee of protecting your or your company's interests, both during the performance of the contract and in the future. We prepare draft contracts for clients, we analyze the ones already concluded, indicating the consequences of the provisions and potential exits from conflict situations. We prepare legal opinions for complex legal states and of course we act on behalf of clients in disputes with the parties to their contracts, both at the stage of negotiation or mediation as well as before civil and commercial courts.


For family members of the deceased, succession is often very difficult not only because it concerns a deceased loved one, but also because it often causes conflict among family members. The right to inheritance, whether by law or in accordance with a will, is often questioned in such a conflict. Also, the distribution of inheritance or the right to a reserved share may give rise to conflicts. It is not always possible to regulate these rights by notarial certification of inheritance and you have to go to court for the ascertainment of the acquisition of inheritance and then conduct departmental proceedings. The lawyer's role in these aspects cannot be overestimated.


Due to the functioning of the office in business transactions, we had to specialize in labor law provisions, ranging from supervising personnel services in creating internal files of the workplace, through the analysis of potential disputes with employees (discrimination at work, mobbing) or trade unions (negotiations on collective labor agreements) to represent the workplace in disputes before labor courts. However, we do not only conduct proceedings on behalf of employers, we also represent employees, primarily in court disputes with both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises.


Sometimes, a simple short legal advice can open your eyes to the risks associated with taking specific actions, related to the conclusion or withdrawal from the contract, damage caused by you or suffered by you. We will show you a way to solve your problems and we will go through them with you. On the one hand, therefore, we make clients aware of the consequences of their actions related to situations having their regulations in civil law, on the other hand we point to solutions, with particular regard to separate regulations such as consumer rights related to complaints, withdrawal from the contract, conclusion of contracts online or off-site company.


We cover practically all the most important legal issues related to real estate, regulated in the Civil Code, the Act on the ownership of premises, the Act on real estate management, the Act on housing cooperatives, the Act on land and mortgage registers, the law on notaries and many other legal acts. We analyze contracts concluded with developers and represent clients in disputes with them, especially in cases related to delays in investing, which often give rise to their liability for damages. Purchase or sale of real estate is life decisions, it is worth having a lawyer with them who will analyze both the factual and legal status.