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Our Law Firm is a team of experienced lawyers with qualifications (attorney-at-law / attorney) and trainees specializing in litigation before Polish common and administrative courts, including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. We operate in the area of ​​Warsaw and Łódź appeals, however, we also conduct proceedings throughout the country, depending on the clients’ needs.

We represent both entrepreneurs and natural persons.

Cooperation with entrepreneurs is not only litigation but also their comprehensive legal service. In addition to current matters related to the analysis and preparation of contracts, legal opinions in employee, economic and tax matters, it also includes the creation of new entities, transformation of existing ones, divisions, mergers, and comprehensive legal analyzes.

As part of a separate practice, the law firm also deals with – in cooperation with one of its clients – formal and legal arrangements for work permits for foreigners in Poland.

We invite you to familarize yourself with our offer.

Key areas of specialization


Our lawyers will provide you with a thorough analysis of the case and a realistic assessment of the situation. Without an analysis of your case, we will not assure you of future success. We will show you weak points in your case and explain the strategy. You will regularly receive the letters sent by us to the court as well as the letters of your opponent. Together with our lawyers, you will go through the entire court process, until the final decision and then possible execution of the judgment.


We supervise our clients’ corporate activities by providing legal services to shareholders’ or shareholders’ meetings, issuing legal opinions in complex corporate factual and legal status. We also liquidate companies and support management boards in bankruptcy proceedings.


The specificity of divorce and family lawsuits is primarily the adoption of the right tactics at the very beginning of the case in order to achieve the client’s goal.Divorce cases are often very complicated and take a long time. In such cases, we will defend your interests from the beginning of the case to its very end.


We prepare draft contracts for clients, we analyze the ones already concluded, indicating the consequences of the provisions and potential exits from conflict situations. We prepare legal opinions for complex legal states and of course we act on behalf of clients in disputes with the parties to their contracts, both at the stage of negotiation or mediation as well as before civil and commercial courts.

our team

Andrzej Mosiński

Andrzej Mosiński specializes in commercial litigations from construction contracts and civil lawsuits for damages and compensation, in particular in the field of medical or accident damages. He further conducts lawsuits for legal claims arising from civil and commercial contracts concluded by clients. He also conducts divorce cases, in particular divorce of entrepreneurs.

Kinga Olszewska

Kinga Olszewska specializes in lawsuits regarding consumer rights, real estate law, inheritance law and bill of exchange law. She analyzes and prepares construction contracts and other specific contracts for both entrepreneurs and natural persons. She also conducts lawsuits in civil and commercial matters.

Kazimierz Mosiński

Kazimierz Mosiński specializes in criminal defence related to the liability of board members and other criminal proceedings brought against entrepreneurs as well as natural persons. He defends people from construction management accused of contributing to accidents or construction disasters. He also handles cases in the field of social security, divorce lawsuits and cases related to the division of property.

Ewelina bieniek-garstka
Trainee attorney-at-law

Ewelina Bieniek-Garstka specializes in civil, in particular family, cases regarding the good of the child. In addition, she has extensive civilian knowledge in the field of limited property rights, including transmission easement. Her tasks at the Law Firm include preparing draft lawsuits, draft contracts or draft legal opinions.

Patrycja mizak
office manager

Patrycja Mizak organizes the office’s work and contacts with its clients. Like the others, she also performs substantial work by creating preparatory letters preceding the stage of referring the case to court. She coordinates the law firm’s cooperation with bailiffs carrying out the execution of clients’ receivables. Takes care of ongoing contact with bailiffs’ offices, necessary for enforcement proceedings favorable to the client.

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